Tonight I know the Horror of you Like nobody else

Ok I'm really in to movie photography now and found this editorial from Elle earlier this year where Ryan Murphy recreated a killer photoshoot with Carter Smith of Horror Movies.
Awesome job and great styling... Peace & Love P.S


There's a camera rolling on her back, Lipstick cherry all over the lens as she's falling.

Here's something i'm trying out. I've been inspired by Cindy Sherman's selfportraits filmstills.. so i'm trying out some selfportraits made out of songs..
This one is from The Beatles - She's Leaving Home.
This one is from The Buoys - Give Up Your Guns
This one is from Metallica - Escape All of these songs give a story in my head wich i tried to capture in this stills. With ofcourse some details of the great films in the background. Peace & Love P.S


Live like you wanna live and stay where you wanna stay

Allright, here's another editorial I made last week...
Mezmerized by her lovely long hair... Photography: Patty Lane S Model: Mayra Belle Styling: Patty Lane S Peace & Love P.S


People say I'm crazy I got diamonds on the soles of my shoes.

Just some amazing extraordinary heels...
The last 3 heels are from Jeffrey Campbell, adoring his designs! Take a look at his great collection and wonderfull lookbooks here Peace & Love P.S